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Who is it for?

Fresh graduates: 
• Young entrepreneurs; 
• Young managers (both corporate and employee career goal); 

• Graduate students

• Experienced entrepreneurs and managers (senior mentees) 
• CEOs; 
• L1 (number 1) leaders
• L2 leaders 
• Business owners; 
• Professional coaches, trainers; 
• Vocational counselors (for example BIG4, venture capital); 
• Experienced managers (for example job seekers, recent retirees). 

The program is free of charge for every participants (mentors do not receive any remuneration; mentees do not have to pay any fee).

Mentor Program offers mentoring advices for two generations

• for fresh graduates (about 23-35 years) supported by middle-aged and senior managers;
• for entrepreneurs and managers and entrepreneurs in the middle of their career (about 35 to 45 years old) supported by senior business owners and senior managers.

Purpose of the program

Organizers of the so-called Mentor Program set the objective to make mentoring support of young people (especially junior managers) – as a well-known and important factor of economic competitiveness – part of the Hungarian corporate culture. Jointly with FIVOSZ (Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary) our program have started in 2014. Our social goal is – by knowledge transfer between generations – is the following:

1. Increase success and viability of start-up businesses and personal career: 
• by effective development of modern (corporate, international) management know-how in the domestic SME sector;
• by strengthening national network of business relationships (facilitate interest of domestic market players in a more organized way);
2. Reduce unemployment by self-employment and job creation;
3. Stop migration of young people by developing domestic business opportunities;
4. Support young people in personal fulfillment, to have above average, for society useful career and to show them personal     examples of a modern and effective life management methods;
5. Provide teaching experiences for leaders with valuable life experiences.

The concept of the Mentor Program

During the program participants work together in a “master-student” way. Mentors – as personal consultants – support their mentees giving them business or career advices and promoting their personal development. The mentor-mentee co-operation means regular consultation personally (monthly 1-2 hours) as well as via telephone / mail and / social media.

The co-operation is at least for a half a year, but it can be extended if requested.
It is worthwhile to develop multi-year, long-term cooperation.


Advantages of the program for young people 

  1. Access to valuable know-how and aspects, which – from others sources such as school, friends, employees, business partners etc- would not be available for them;
  2. Increase business success and profitability;
  3. Provide personal development opportunities;
  4. New contacts (by mentors).

 Benefits of participation as a mentor


  1. Self-realization and fulfillment by teaching and knowledge transfer; 
  2. Personal development in the field of empathy and coaching skills;
  3. Meeting precious young people (providing future collaboration opportunities);
  4. New contacts (with other mentors). 

The methodological framework is based on the “Mentoring Methodology,” which ensures the best professional practices of the co-operation for both parties.

The program measures the effectiveness of the mentor-mentee cooperation as it is defined in “Mentoring rating”. The internal evaluation aims to:

• Provide objective feedback to the participants, supporting their personal development in the mentoring co-operation process;

• Provide clues to the founders, supporters and the general public regarding the success of the program;

• Be a baseline for recognition of best mentors and mentees;

• Provide information and suggestions for further development of the Mentor Program;

• Identify the most successful co-operations, which merit further support by BossConnect and sponsors.